Everyone loves hosting or being part of a Celebration. Different Talents & Services are required to Execute the planned Event.

Such Personal or Corporate Events demand multiple Services & Individual Talents to come together & work in unison. For example, if you wish to celebrate your daughter’s birthday with her friends & relatives, you think of a Theme, Decoration, Live Music or a Performance, Cake, Food, Venue…and much more.

BashDaddy brings multiple Talents, Services and Venues together on a fully-integrated web-platform. The Platform offers its Partners to showcase their talents by Performing or offering Services to earn sizeable income consistently. It offers its Clients a custom “one-click hassle-free solution” based on their budget, choices and type of Event.

BashDaddy calls YOU – any Talent like a Singer, band, Magician, Dancer, Photographer, Comedian…or a Service Provider like a Venue-manager, stage Decorator, Theme Store… to register with BashDaddy. All Talents & Service Providers interested in Performing Live or offering Services at BashDaddy Events - Please watch our Video in “About” page to get an insight.

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