Ever since early man discovered fire and cheered an end to raw meat, celebrations have united human communities in honoring momentous events. Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something crucial to human fulfillment.

With changing times and fast-paced life, many of us have unwillingly left celebrations behind…everyday monotonous whirlwind is taking a toll!

But how about throwing a party for your loved ones by leaving all hassles of Planning, Follow-up and Execution to an expert? Getting best of Services & Talents to perform at your event? Getting the best off-beat Venues for your event? That too by just a CLICK OF A MOUSE?

That is where BashDaddy is born!

BashDaddy kick-starts in Pune effective February 01, 2017. Purpose of this journey is to Celebrate your momentous events in India and then all around the world. Venue could be your own cozy Home, Your terrace or backyard garden or…The Jaipur Palace, The Madison Square Garden, St. Regis Bal Harbor, Moscone Center, The Eden Gardens, The Lord’s & The MCG, Convention Centers of The Las Vegas, Vancouver, Hong Kong or Dubai.

BashDaddy is Your journey for Celebrating Life’s precious moments. We promise to make it “All Fun and No Hassles”

YOU have an Asset

We will showcase it to the World

We develop Your Personality
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World's First No-Hassles
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